Diving Deep Into Cats

By Nicole Duran, 12

As the new semester begins, students at Union High School who are enrolled in physiology have now started the process of cat dissection. Cat dissection is important to the class because of how similar the cat and human anatomy are. A way that students do their research is by pinning labels on the cat’s muscles to memorize placements for the lab practical tests that they are given every week. 

The science program has specific tools to take the cat dissection a step further as they cut, skin, and observe the skeletal muscles during the experience. The cat dissection is a privilege that Union students get to learn from as it gives them an insight of what medical students are able to do. Depending on the future career these bright students might pursue, whether it is being a chiropractor, nurse, or any other career in the medical field, these hands-on dissections will improve the understanding of the biological systems for students overall.

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