School Board Election: An Interview with Dr. Chris McNeil

On Wednesday, March 2nd, UHS Today co-presidents Meghana Venkatesha and Fraz Javed interviewed Dr. Chris McNeil. Dr. McNeil is the incumbent candidate in the upcoming April 5th school board election for Union’s Zone 2. Check out the videos below to hear his conversation with Meg and Fraz!

Dr. McNeil’s opposing candidate, Mrs. Shelley Gwartney, declined the invitation to interview with UHS Today.

Click here to check out the Union School Board district map to see if you live in Zone 2 and are eligible to vote on April 5th:

Intro to Dr. McNeil

Dr. McNeil introduces himself and shares a little about his background.

“What Motivates You to Run Again?”

Dr. McNeil shares why he is choosing to run for re-election in Union’s Zone 2.

Dr. McNeil’s Views on Social-Emotional Learning

Dr. McNeil discusses the importance of social-emotional learning.

The Whole Interview

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