Sam’s Food Corner: Deli Edition

By: Samuel Oetken, Class of 2025

Welcome to Sam’s Food Corner, your monthly check-in for when you just don’t know what to eat! In this column, I’ll be scoring each food place in the high school based on different categories, and give my overall thoughts. This month, we have the Deli! Here’s how the Deli stacks up:

Right out of the gate, it’s clear the Deli has some of the tastiest food available at UHS. Being able to have a sandwich immediately after the bread has been toasted is a breath of fresh air in the middle of a stressful school day. On top of that, while they have some predetermined options, your sandwich is entirely custom made. Unlike other places you could eat at in the school, with similar pre-made meals, you pick exactly what’s going on your sandwich at the Deli – even down to the type of bread. In my opinion, the variety of extremely tasty sandwiches you can get makes the deli unmatched in terms of food. 

The only thing that holds the Deli back is the line. This isn’t remotely the fault of the wonderful people who work at the Deli. They do an amazing job. The issue is the Deli’s popularity. Everyone knows it’s good, and that means the lines are nothing short of insane. Plus, some kids are waiting for their sandwich to come out of the toaster oven. This is mitigated a bit by the fact that they have multiple lines. Plus, the location of the Deli being right in the middle of the school means you can generally get there pretty fast if you hurry. To conclude, despite the long lines, the Deli is worth the wait and has some of the tastiest food you could ask for at UHS.

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