Taste of Asia

By: Dorothy Huynh (2023)

Union’s Asian American Club is a safe space for students to broaden their knowledge of Asian culture. Every discussion meeting entails a sense of belonging  and creates an outlet for members to express their opinions on certain Asian topics. The club also hosts eating meetings that allow students to get a taste of Asia. Food brings people together. It’s how we make friends, and nurture relationships, and for Asian American club – celebrate the intricate holidays and countries in Asia.

Being a part of the Asian American Club has led me to meet some of my forever friends, enhanced my knowledge of different Asian cultures, and fostered a community at Union High School. At our latest eating meeting, Asian American Club learned about Vietnam. Members learned about the origins of Vietnam, Vietnamese culture, and enjoyed delicious food. Our sponsor, Lucky Tea Boba House, provided us with 70 drinks for our members to try! This new boba shop recently opened, and is located on 4654 W Houston St, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They offer a vast variety of drinks that range from a sweet and refreshing strawberry green tea to a rich, creamy winter melon milk tea. Please give them a try! 

Our Asian American club welcomes anyone and everyone wanting to learn about the different Asian cultures. So, if you’re curious, stop by one of our meetings in January next semester! The Asian American club meets twice each month after school on Thursdays in room 1707.

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