Winter Warmth Drive

By MJ Tune, 12

Winter is here and it is getting to be very cold outside, and for some Union families, warmth is hard to come by. However, every October since the mid-1990s, Union has hosted the Winter Warmth Drive as another way Union students give back to their community. The Winter Warmth Drive allows students to donate warm clothes to people in need, as well as gives a fun challenge to all the students of UHS

In this year’s drive, around 200 clothing items were donated including hats, coats, blankets, pants, gloves, etc. In order to help bring so many clothes in, Union High School held a contest between second hour classes, promising the class that donated the most clothes for the drive a prize decided by the teacher. It was Ms. Surface’s class who won this year with 2,435 points worth of winter items, and her class received a donut party for their efforts.

All the donated items went first to the Union clothing closet. Union kept many items at the high school, which are donated to the high school students in need currently. Items not kept at the high school were then shipped out to the church in front of the 6th and 7th Grade Center which is open to members of the community. The church’s clothing closet ensures that all of the clothes are distributed to those who need them. Because of Union students, many families have warm clothes and blankest this holiday season.


  1. A student who is going to be in the play freaky Friday posted information about it. It said to come to this website for ticket information. I have searched everything and found nothing. I have wasted a lot of my time.
    How much are tickets and
    can you just get them the night of the performance and
    where will they be performing? How long is the play?
    Thank you, Marcia Greer
    PS- my comments were also put where my name is. So I was told my name is too long. So then I had to take a long time erasing those comments. This is ridiculous. Someone needs to work on this website! And how about not putting on the post that you can find ticket information here. Because you can’t!

    1. Hello! I am the President of UHS Today. We have not released the article on Freaky Friday. I think you have been mistaken. This post is on the Winter Warmth Drive. This website has been entirely student run. We are doing our best, so we would appreciate some patience and understanding as this is new to us too! This is the actual link for show tickets.

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