Vegetarian Deprivation

By Fraz Javed, 12

Union Public Schools’ lunches are known for their locally sourced ingredients. Partnering with Peachcrest Farms from Stratford, Oklahoma, Union’s menus offer a variety of organic fruits and vegetables. 

With these resources, it would not be difficult for Union to expand its vegetarian options for students, or to at least designate vegetarian meals at one of the many food locations in the school. As it stands, Union does offer multiple vegetarian options at the high school –  a hummus powerbox can be found lying around at either the Cyber Cafe or the Energy Bar, but food options like this are usually grabbed quickly. 

The issue arises in that there is no dedicated place that offers vegetarian foods daily. The Caf, my personal favorite, is at best hit-or-miss when it comes to offering vegetarian options with max sticks and cheese pizzas. Many times, my vegetarian friends and I have had to spend a considerable portion of our lunchtime just hunting down a place that serves something we could eat. 

While Union already accommodates dietary restrictions by offering vegetarian meals, the process for students can be made much less time-consuming by dedicating a certain spot to offering one vegetarian meal daily. Without the expansion of dietary restricted food options, students will feel left out, however, the school can grow to be more inclusive by branching out food options for vegetarians. By doing so, the school will become more inclusive nutritionally.

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  1. Candyse Walker-Murray

    January 18, 2022 at 5:15 am

    Hello! We would love to have some of your vegetarian suggestions sent out way! We’ve tried several options in the past and they all fall flat with exception of the hummus power box. There’s also always the option of getting all of the sides and not the actual entree. You only need 3 items to complete your meal, which can be the veggie, fruit and grain. But, I encourage you to not stop at voicing your opinion on a platform, but actually reaching out to the Child Nutrition staff… we care and would love to hear from you!
    – Chef Candyse (district chef)

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