HSA Celebrates Day of the Dead

By Lydia Finch

Every year, millions of people celebrate the Day of the Dead, a two-day celebration that connects the living with their loved ones who have passed. People create ofrendas, an offering, decorated with brightly colored marigolds, sugar skulls, delicious food, and pictures of their loved ones. Although many consider Día de Los Muertos to be “Mexican Halloween,” the Day of the Dead is a chance for loved ones to remember passed loved ones and celebrate life and death. Many families decorate the graves of loved ones with their favorite foods, items, and things they enjoyed on Earth. They ask for guidance from these memories and take time to remember their spirit. Along with public offerings, many families also set up private ofrendas inside the home. They add candles, marigolds, music, clothing, and other items that remind them of their family members. Many communities hold festivals celebrating the holiday, in which they paint their faces, dress in costume, and make brightly colored sugar skulls and floats of alebrije, bright sculptures of fantasy creatures.  

On November 8th, the Hispanic Student Association (HSA) held a daylong celebration of the holiday. Students brought pictures to put on the ofrenda, made crafts, and learned about the real meaning of the holiday. The Grand Hall was beautifully decorated with candles, brightly colored paper flowers and crafts, and sugar skulls. Thanks to the HSA, students were able to celebrate, learn and appreciate the Day of the Dead. 


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