Union’s Steps to a Better Future

By: Josue King, 12

According to research done by National Geographic and Laura Parker, a very prominent writer on climate change, the United States is the leading producer of waste. Parker says, “We produce 42% of waste in the world but we also are third on the list of biggest illegal dumpers of waste on coastal boundaries.” Something you may find surprising is that for “30 years, the United States has been shipping a whopping 50 percent of their waste to other countries.” 

Union High School students have taken the initiative to start making a positive impact on the United States’s waste problem. The leader of this is Reeya Ramasamy, who is the current president of Sustainable U. Because a mere ten percent of waste is recycled, this club wants to make this number higher and be a beacon of hope along with a model for other schools around the nation to start clubs to do the same. Reeya says, “I lead Sustainable U because I believe that in the world we live in today it is more important now than ever to spread sustainable culture to young people. Before heading out into the world, I hope to influence my peers to act more sustainably and be kind to Mother Earth. The small steps we make today are going to make a difference tomorrow.” With many campus clean-ups and plans to go bigger, Sustainable U leads Union to a more sustainable future. The club will continue to do its best, sharpening the curve downwards for the school’s waste and America’s waste too. It is also everyone’s responsibility to help with a better future by cleaning up the trash so that the earth can continue to be beautiful. 


Parker, Laura. “U.S. Generates More Plastic Trash than Any Other Nation, Report Finds.” Environment, National Geographic, 3 May 2021, https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/article/us-plastic-pollution. 

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