Surviving College – Tips From an Alum

By: Kali Christopher, Union Class of 2021

The move to college before freshman year might be one of the most stressful times in a students’ life. There’s so much to pack, so many forms to fill out, and an insane number of textbooks to buy – it can be overwhelming. Once on campus, the grind doesn’t stop. There’s orientation, meeting roommate(s) and floor-mates, finding classes, and once all that’s done, actually GOING to class. 

Everyone has something they could have done better. In a word, I’d say surviving the first year of college is all about preparation. Prepare to be under-packed (make that call home for that favorite shirt left behind), and prepare for everyone to be utterly lost. Prepare to hate some classes, and prepare to join fun campus events and make great friends. Prepare to forget something essential (just go ahead and write “towel” in capital letters on your packing list), and prepare to mess up priorities a little bit. 

Just remember: no one knows what they’re doing and everyone is just trying to survive. The best thing to do is put a smile on your face, have fun, and remember to learn. By next year, you’ll be an expert in all things college. Until then, just go with it!

Kali with her college roommate!

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