Sam’s Food Corner: Cyber Cafe Edition

By: Samuel Oetken, Class of 2025

Welcome to Sam’s Food Corner, your monthly check-in for when you just don’t know what to eat! In this column, I’ll be scoring each food place in the high school based on different categories, and give my overall thoughts. This month, we have the Cyber Cafe!

Here’s how the Cyber Cafe stacks up:

If you’re in a hurry to get somewhere or need to grab something to eat that isn’t a hassle to carry around, the Cyber Cafe is going to be your best bet. While the wrapped sandwiches, salads, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are all perfectly fine in their own right, the real highlight is the speed and fantastic service. Even the long lines at the Cyber Cafe move quickly, and who doesn’t love the friendly ladies who work there? However, what really boosts the convenience of the Cyber Cafe is the location. If you have a class in the Collegiate Academy, you’re never too far from the Cyber Cafe. Its location right next to the staircase makes it easy to pass by on your way to a class and allows you to get there quickly on your way to lunch. Overall, while the food is nothing too special, the Cyber Cafe is one of the most convenient food options you can ask for at UHS.

Share your thoughts and experiences at the Cyber Cafe in the comments below!

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