Garden Club Spotlight

By: Haylee Christopher, Class of 2023

The world around us is filled with a wide variety of life; the plants that encompass that variety are essential to the sustained life of the world around us. In Garden Club you are given the unique chance to learn all about plants and keep up with our very own school garden. You’ll learn the basics of gardening and hopefully get a green thumb along the way. You can plant anything that you could imagine, watch it grow, and even indulge in the fruits of your labor when harvest season rolls around. Even as winter approaches and the time that can be spent outside diminishes, expect a variety of fun projects that take full advantage of our greenhouse space. If you’re interested in joining, stop by Dr. Walker’s room (3719) for more information or join the remind by texting @uhsgarde to 81010. Meetings are held every Monday. We hope to see you there!

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