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In light of the school board run-off election for the Zone 2 seat coming up on April 5, two student organizations – UHS Today and Register Oklahoma – teamed up to host a voter registration drive to spread awareness among students about the importance of voting. While filling out registration forms on March 2nd, students heard from the candidates, incumbent Dr. Chris McNeil and challenger Mrs. Shelley Gwartney. Both shared why voting is significant to them and answered questions from students, such as “Why are you running for the school board election?” and “How are you going to be a voice for students?” Not only did thirty-seven students and one faculty member become registered Oklahoma voters, but they also learned about an election that will directly impact their education and the future of Union!

Before the voter registration drive, Dr. McNeil visited Mrs. Eldridge’s AP Government class. He explained his role as a board member and tasked students with a debate over TruMoo vs. Hiland milk and school funding – topics that represent everyday school board decisions. UHS Today Co-Presidents Meghana Venkatesha and Fraz Javed also interviewed Dr. McNeil to gain insight on his views for Union. (School Board Election: An Interview with Dr. Chris McNeil)

Mrs. Gwartney declined UHS Today’s invitation to interview.

UHS Today would like to thank Dr. McNeil and Mrs. Gwartney for spending time at the voter registration drive and allowing students this special opportunity to meet school board candidates! To those who live in Zone 2 (Moore, Peters, and Andersen elementary schools) and are registered to vote, remember to vote on Tuesday, April 5 at your specific polling place. You can find your polling location here: https://okvoterportal.okelections.us/

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