Taking the SAT? Here are Three Tips!

By: Nayab Ijaz, 11

The SAT is just around the corner for juniors, coming up on April 13th. While preparation for the grueling, three-hour long test may seem like an impossible task, using the right resources and using your time efficiently can eliminate much of the stress associated with the process. Here are three tips on how to study for the SAT:

Tip #1

Use practice tests…and use them wisely. The best resource to prepare for the SAT are official practice tests from the College Board, as these show you exactly what the College Board wants you to know. You can find 8 official (free) SAT practice tests and 2 official PSAT practice tests on the College Board website with answers and explanations. The key to using these practice tests is to go over your incorrect answers thoroughly and thoughtfully. Do not brush off an incorrect answer as a silly mistake but rather think about why you got the question wrong and how you can avoid the same mistake next time.

Tip #2

Another helpful resource is Khan Academy, which provides personalized practice problems based on your previous PSAT or SAT scores, helping you brush up on your weaker skills. The program also guides you in creating a study schedule based on your goals and available time, sending you daily reminders to keep you on track.

Tip #3

Lastly, study a little bit every day. Studying every day consistently allows you to better retain the information you study and reduces stress in general. Do not be pressured to take full practice tests as soon as you start studying; start with taking one section a day or every other day, and slowly build to taking full tests to mimic the real test day.

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