It’s Snowing Again!

By: MJ Tune, 12

In Oklahoma, snow has become a rare blessing that thousands of kids wish to enjoy. It used to rarely snow here, and when it did, it was never enough to cancel school. Up until last year, snow days have been an infrequent enjoyment that gives both teachers and students a surprise break. Several years ago, during the winter, kids would get up early and gather around the TV, waiting for the news to announce which schools were out due to snow. Living in the south, there has been a shortage of snow days. That was until 2021, when a large snowstorm hit, and school was canceled for a week.

No one was really prepared for the snow, and many students and teachers went practically insane staying in their house all week. To help keep everyone’s sanity, staying in and watching some movies, drinking hot chocolate, catching up on some homework, or reading a good book seems like a relaxing time for people who don’t like cold weather. Meanwhile, building snowmen and forts, sledding, and snowball fights are always good fun for the people who prefer to be outside. There are a lot of foods that could be made that are great, with some hot stew, war chicken, different hot soups, or some snow ice cream. Many families can make banana bread very easily, and cornbread with some hot chili is always a delicious go too.

As it happens, snow days are also a great way to get back on track with school. Snow days give students time to clean out backpacks and reorganize some notes to get ready for the next school day. Checking emails, and getting missing assignments turned in online are also a great way to be responsible. Snow days are just a great way to relax and either take a break from thinking about school or get ahead to keep parents and teachers happy.

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