Humans of UHS: Lauryn Huey

Student: Lauryn Huey (Senior)

Me: When did you first come to Union?

Lauryn:  I first came to Union in 2008!

Me: Where is your favorite place to eat in Tulsa?

Lauryn: My favorite place to eat in Tulsa has gotta be Smitty’s Garage. They have a bomb mushroom Swiss!

Me: What do you think your best qualities are?

Lauryn: My best qualities may be my ability to listen deeply, and help others.

Me: What is your favorite thing about Union?

Lauryn: My favorite thing about union has to be the clubs! There are so many.

Me: What do you need to do to improve yourself?

Lauryn: What I need to do to improve me right now is try to stay calm when people anger me. I need to remember to that people can’t make me stay mad.

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