A Return to the Spotlight

By Michael Drew and Annelise Huynh, 12

A powerhouse, a nationally recognized organization decorated with accolades from local, regional, and national competitions, and an example for marching bands across the country – these descriptions characterize the Renegade Regiment.  

Devoid of rehearsals, local competitions, and regional contests, as well as being limited to playing solely at football games, the Renegade Regiment opted for an off-season in 2020 to follow pandemic guidelines and ensure their students’ safety. Although many marching bands across the country paralleled the Regiment’s decision to prioritize safety, other marching bands, such as BA and Jenks, pursued their marching season.  

After a year off and welcoming two classes of new marchers, the Regiment is slowly but surely making their way onto the national stage again. However, this process is not without its struggles. The Regiment placed third at both the Owasso and Bentonville Invitationals this year, losing to smaller bands, such as Camdenton and Fayetteville. However, the Regiment showed their immense progress when they placed 9th in prelims and 13th in finals at the Bands of America St. Louis Super Regional. Although these placements do not reflect the pre-COVID Renegade Regiment the country adored, they do reflect a growing marching band and the bright prospects that the Regiment will regain their national stronghold, all due to the tenacity and grit demonstrated by the directors and students alike.  

With the 2021 marching season over, the Regiment is preparing for their performance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which will occur November 25th at 9 AM. 

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