Physical Therapist vs. Prisoner?

By Chandini Kanderi, 12

As Vice President of TUMS, I receive many questions about our medical club and how students can benefit from joining. The Tulsa Union Medical Society allows students who are interested in a career in the medical field to receive exposure to different professions.

This past week, Dr. Tony Morakot came to speak with the club’s members about life as a physical therapist, as well as give them a glimpse into his past. The meeting was filled with questions, stories, and actual demonstrations (burpees, jumping jacks, and squats), and Dr. Morakot engaged with members. He told a story about how he had to treat a chained prisoner while he was just a physical therapy student, which was his most memorable moment of his physical therapy career. Members also learned about his military background as a commander and physical therapist in the Oklahoma National Reserves. Overall, it was a successful and informational meeting. Students interested in physical therapy specifically or curious about careers in medicine gained valuable knowledge from a professional.

TUMS meetings are held one Friday a month, and they include speakers, snacks, and some unforgettable stories! TUMS would love to see new members there with all their questions.    


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