College During High School?!

By Emma Thomas

TCC Spring Concurrent Enrollment is open! Not only do concurrent classes help students earn college credit during high school and gain experience in college level courses, but taking dual credit courses will also save students and their families a ton of money. TCC classes through Union High School cost just $88.35 per course. Students can knock out Comp 1 and 2, or any of the other courses offered, during high school. Students who are interested in taking TCC concurrent courses can visit the CCC to find the pink enrollment forms, which contain all of the instructions for signing up, as well as course titles and schedules. The classes fill up fast, so juniors and seniors should sign up ASAP to make sure they get the schedules they want.

If you want more information about signing up for spring TCC classes, sign up in Scoir for the dual credit information session happening on December 1st during 3rd or 5th hours.

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