The Festival of Lights!

By Tammy Dao, President of Asian American Club

Asian American Club hosted their first eating meeting of the year on Thursday, November 4th to celebrate Diwali, which originated in India and is primarily derived from Hinduism. During Diwali, the spiritual light serves as a symbol of victory, inspiration, and knowledge.

Two members, Chandini Kanderi and Meghana Venkatesha gave an insightful presentation about the origins and customs of Diwali. Afterwards, Meghana performed a dance and invited other members to join her, and they were surrounded by a lively crowd! UHS students from various cultures enjoyed henna art and delicious Indian snacks (including naan, murukku, and samosas). The meeting served as a fun, welcoming environment to introduce and celebrate Diwali!

Joining Union’s Asian American Club enhances students’ perceptions of different Asian cultures and practices. This club meets after school on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month in the lecture hall (1707). To further promote inclusivity at Union, they are hosting a collaborative potluck with the Nigerian Student Association on December 16 to represent diverse foods throughout the world!

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